Your safety is the top priority.

We want you to enjoy your trip and always be ready to come back to us again and again.
    Risk avoidance lies in planning, preparation and practice. We learn and train on our own not only in the off-season, but we also do it together with you in real conditions on ski days. We are constantly updating our first aid, leadership and avalanche training skills. We check the weather conditions daily and evaluate the avalanche situation not only at the program location, but also in the nearest areas, in order to be as informed as possible during the upcoming hours in the mountains. We review and contribute to the production of avalanche safety bulletins. Every season we practice avalanche rescue and other emergency scenarios so we can be prepared to respond to any situation.
    Your guide will be your mentor and friend during your program. He loves nature and is ready to share his skills and recommendations during his days in the mountains. If you have any questions or suggestions to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, please let him know and he will definitely consider them.
    The guide will meet you every morning to discuss daily weather observations, give you first hand verified snow conditions and discuss with you which locations are suitable for skiing that day. This information will help the guide and you to protect yourself and minimize your risks.
    The guide also has an avalanche kit, which includes an avalanche transceiver, a shovel, an avalanche probe, a first aid kit, as well as an extra layer of clothing and other emergency supplies.
    Whether it be a lodge, mountain hut or tent-camp, we are fully stocked with first aid and emergency supplies at program locations.
    All guests are provided with radio stations to communicate with the guide and other guests.
    In case you don’t have a working ski or split/snowboard, avalanche transceiver, probe or shovel, we will provide you with a spare working set.
    Your personal gear is also your safety gear — keep it maintained and in good condition.
    If your skis or snowboard are not suitable for the conditions in which the programs take place, we have additional equipment that will be available on site and you can rent it.
    We strongly recommend that you consider your insurance coverage and needs before you begin your trip.
    All of our skiing programs do not include emergency medical and evacuation insurance to cover expenses incurred due to illness or injury that requires hospitalization or doctor visits.
    INSURANCE is your only option to get reimbursed, don’t forget that.