Welcome to Russia. We are glad you are considering us for your next winter adventure. If you have been here before, then we will be happy to continue the excellent skiing together as one team!
LUZHBA Western Siberia — is located in the mountains of Huge Siberian Region. Nature in these parts gives annually an anomalous amount of snow, one of the lightest and driest snow around. Our area has something for everyone, forest areas and alpine terrain, you can skiing in the bottomless snow all day long. Join us this winter and let’s make some powder snow dreams come true.



Here’s what you can expect from a ski day on our trips
LUZHBA Western Siberia — ski touring:

  • You will enjoy our signature experience, backcountry lodge accommodation, fine dining and guided ski tours in one of West part on Western Siberia/
  • On the days of the trip, you will discuss with your guide the most interesting locations for ascents and descents, and you will have 8 days, of which 6 full days of ski touring, to roll out the slopes.
  • Details of your ski tour, logistics, cost and the whole package of services, see the section of the trip here LUZHBA WESTERN SIBERIA

Here’s what you can expect from a typical day of ski touring WESTERN SIBERIA:

  • After waking up at our beautiful mountain lodge, you will head to the dining room for a healthy, hearty, chef-cooked breakfast. Once you’ve «fueled up your calories» you’ll head back to your room and get ready for the day ahead of you. Then you will meet with your guide and discuss the plan for the day.
  • Our trip offers guests an absolutely unique opportunity to experience the incredible terrain of the Western Siberia. We are delighted to offer this unique ski touring at the start of the winter season, when frost hasn’t quite changed the snow structure yet, allowing guests to enjoy fluffy snow and maximize their turns skiing and splitboarding in this unrivaled terrain.
  • Our trip includes 8 days, including 6 full days of skiing on the slopes.
  • On your way to the top , you may have some excitement in anticipation of the descent. On the way down, you’ll be even more excited as you draw your first own footprint on the perfect, untouched snowy landscape. Calm down, take a breath and do it again. A smile and cries of pleasure will not leave you.
  • Vertical drops of 250-600m while moving up can take about 60-90 minutes.
  • No need to imagine how it works? Experience it for yourself in November & December — come ride this winter!
  • Details of your trip, logistics, cost and the whole package of services, see the section of the trips Luzhba Western Siberia