Mountain Lodge.

Our Siberian mountain lodge is hidden in the forest itself. The lodge accommodates up to 10 guests with exclusive ski touring facilities.

The five comfortable rooms, each with a full bathroom, are private and secure. Common spaces include a dedicated equipment room, relaxation areas, stretching area and Russian bathhouse to accommodate the morning, après and evening needs of the ski touring program.

Mountain lodge in Siberia is our new format of tours with comfortable accommodation and dishes from our chef.


Siberian dishes

Our Siberian chef and culinary team use fresh, local ingredients to create healthy, high-calorie dishes that taste delicious.

Apresski is served in the restaurant at the end of the day, on the panoramic glass veranda overlooking the Tom River, which is part of your wilderness area.

Tour description

On the arrival day:

Our experience in organizing programs has shown that working individually with each group, as well as separately with each of you, we more accurately, according to the schedule of air flights and transfers, form a convenient logistical connection for you so that you can quickly and comfortably get to our locations.
You can always get details of logistics to the destination when booking the program, after which we will send you the entire itinerary package — there and back.
And now a little information about what you will expect during the days of the program:

Arrival of the group in the afternoon at the location of our mountain lodge. Meeting of the guide with the group members. After the meeting, the group members are accommodated in our mountain lodge. Then the group has lunch, after getting acquainted with each member of the group and discussing all the details of the upcoming week of skiing.
Next, all participants place their equipment in the locker room and go outside to test their skills in using avalanche equipment.
After the avalanche training, participants can go to the hot bath, enjoy the hot steam with brooms. In the evening you go for dinner and then overnight rest.

On the ski tour days:

The daily routine of the group members:

7:30 We move to breakfast.
8:30 Meet in the main hall to sign the disclaimer, safety precautions.
8:45 Outdoors: checking personal equipment
9:00 Skins on, get up! Ski tour, Ski tour! Lunch in the mountains!
15:00 Final descent of the day.
16:30 Snacks and soup.
18:00 Hot Russian bath (sauna) with brooms.
19:30 Dinner and discussion of the day.
21:00 Free time, ask questions, get answers.

The tour includes six full days of ski touring. Daily radial outings on the ski tour are carried out in the area of ​​the Western part of the Siberia Mountains , which includes a forest zone, clearings and alpine terrain.
There are slopes for skiing both for people who are just starting their off-piste practice and for more experienced riders. Before the first descent of the day, the ascent time is from 50 to 60 minutes, depending on snow conditions and the choice of skiing location. Routes for the day and options for descents are discussed by the guides in the morning, after taking observations from the weather station and making an avalanche forecast for the day.

Additional information on the location of the ski tour trips after booking.

Participation in the trip:

120000 RUB for 1 person*
quantity of participants in a group: 8 people

*Price is for December 2023. It is possible to adjust the cost of services.



DECEMBER 15th-22nd
6 spots
DECEMBER 22nd-29th
6 spots
JANUARY 8th-14th 2024
6 spots

Trip 8 days / skiing 6 days

Booking Policy:

Terms and Conditions:
All prices are in Russian rubles (RUB)*

*Price is for December 2023. It is possible to adjust the cost of services.

      • No advance payment required
      • Full payment on tour start dates
      • Payment method — cach RUB, Euro, US dollar, CAD dollar 

Cancellation and Refund:

      • In case of cancellation of the program by the organizer, 100% refund

The price includes:

  • Work of ski guide, organization of skiing routes
  • Logistics, meeting and departure by minibus
  • Tour duration 8 days
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Meals: breakfast, snack in the mountains, dinner
  • Daily banya (russian sauna)
  • Group rescue equipment
  • Provision of spare equipment: skis, poles and avalanche equipment

Visa to Russia:

  • For a large number of nationalities a 16 days E-Visa to Russia is available through official Russia’s MFA website

  • Please read through the detailes to make sure you are eligible to apply for Russian e-visa as not all nationalities and not all ports of entry are part of this service.

Exclusion of liability-Assumption of risk

  • You will be asked to sign a wilderness activiies release agreement. Which is intended to describe the risks, dangers, and hazards that are associated with wilderness skiing and snowboarding and asks you to acknowledge these risks and accept the fact that injuries and death possibilities while participating in wilderness skiing and snowboarding.

NOTE: For security reasons, the trip may be changed depending on the current weather conditions or other force majeure circumstances. The following may be changed: the time of arrival and departure of the group members, the group equipment logistics (it depends on weather conditions), and the riding trip.




Avalanche gear:

  • Avalanche beacon (transceiver) with 2-3 antennae, a spare set of batteries
  • Metal avalanche shovel
  • Avalanche probe

IMPORTANT: All the avalanche gear must be checked and properly operating.

Individual equipment:

  • Backpack for freeriding or ski touring, volume 25-30 liters
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Ski goggles, 2 units
  • Sunglasses with protection class S3-S4
  • Sun protective cream, frost/windburn protective cream or ointment, lip balm
  • Headlamp, a spare set of batteries
  • Metal thermos, volume 0.7-1 liter
  • Bottle for water, 0.5-0.7 liters
  • Ski straps, 2 pieces
  • A mobile phone and charger

Skis or splitboard kit:

  • Skis with a waist from 112 mm
  • Snowboard
  • Ski boots for skis or a snowboard
  • Telescopic ski poles
  • Ski helmet
  • Personal tools, a multitool and repair kit for boots, bindings, skins, and poles

Bivouac set:

  • Bivouac underwear
  • Warm lightweight shoes for the lodge
  • Personal toiletries


  • Hats: a warm one and of lightweight materials one
  • Balaclava, bandana or headband
  • Ski gloves, fleece gloves, warm mittens
  • Warm socks for skiing or ski touring made of mixed fabric (wool and synthetics), 3 pairs
  • Warm thermal underwear: underpants and a long-sleeved T-shirt (wool and synthetics), 2 sets
  • Gore-Tex jacket or a jacket of analogue membrane, with ventilation
  • Gore-Tex (or of analogue membrane) ski pants with ventilation for ski touring
  • Softshell jacket
  • Polartec (or of analogue) jacket
  • Down jacket without membrane
  • Warm jacket and pants for wearing in the shelter and on cold days on the slope


  • The insurance policy for the period of participation in the program is obtained by participants independently.

Requirements for the fitness level of participants:


Skills in using avalanche gear

Confident skiing on fresh snow powder

Basic experience in ski or snowboard technique

Fitness level that allows you to feel confident with daily elevations up to 800m

Skills in using ski or snowboard equipment

Regular physical activity as preparation for the tour (recommended)