Hi, I’m Denis Alexandrovich Lomakin

Now you are on my website, this is a lively and always up-to-date personal lifestyle blog about my private tours, training courses and travels in Russia and around the World. Each of my tours is unique, whether it’s an individual or a group program format — this is an example of how I create really interesting projects just by sharing my thoughts and experiences.

My activities in winter are related to work, training and practice in Russia and Canada. In the new winter season of 2025, I am launching my skitour programs on the Kamchatka Peninsula, where more than 10 new interesting formats are planned. The schedule of the 2024/25 winter season is currently in planning, and in the middle of summer you can get acquainted with the new tours.

In 2023, I created the educational project in Russia «The Safe», here I organize and teach professional courses on First aid in the wild according to the standards of the International Red Cross. This season, I have expanded the number and format of educational programs for adults and teenagers, you can see the course schedule here.

This summer, in July and August, you will be able to join my trekking programs on the Kamchatka Peninsula and in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria, the Bezengi alpine camp.

A little bit about my training and work over the years. Time flies and years fly by, but the results with each season only inspire and stimulate us to move on. I am currently continuing my studies at the Canadian Avalanche Association and applying all the knowledge I have gained to safely stay in the mountainous area for myself, as a guide, and you, as participants. I continue my practice and work in many Canadian companies specializing in the provision of ski guide services, such as: heliski, catskiing, skitour, avalanche patrol, avalanche safety and mountain rescue.

And one more piece of good news. This year I was elected a Member of the Presidium of the Avalanche Association of Russia, I am sure this will give a new round in my avalanche education, as well as in the development of the association.

I am sure that in today’s world it is very important to adhere to international standards of education, I believe that the experience gained should be confirmed by certification, diplomas. I try to increase my list every year, which I wish you too.

See you at my skitour programs in Kamchatka Peninsula, Avalanche safety training courses and First Aid courses in the wild.

Denis Lomakin (DL)

Summer, June, 2024

Certificate of the Canadian Avalanche Association CAA (Avalanche Operation Level 1).
Certificate of the Canadian Avalanche Association CAA (Avalanche Search and Rescue Advanced Skills AvSAR).
ICS Canada Certificate introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS 100).
Certificate of the Canadian Red Cross (Wilderness First Responder/Coast Wilderness Medical Training 80 hours).
CWMT Wildlife Emergency Specialist.
The educational project «SAFE» First aid in the wild.
Member of the Avalanche Association of Russia
Member of the Presidium of the Avalanche Association of Russia